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Me & My Bass Guitar: Victor Wooten [A Show of Hands, 1996] - Tablature
Circles: Janek Gwizdala [Mystery to Me, 2004] - Bass Notes

That Stern Look: Janek Gwizdala [Live at the 55 Bar, 2008] - Bass Notes
Fly Back [2009 Redux]: The Ocean Band [Couch Dictators Alternate Edits, 2009] - Bass Transcription

Tumble Home: Mike Stern [Who Let the Cats Out, 2006] - Abridged Bass Transcription

Big Neighborhood: Mike Stern [Big Neighborhood, 2009] - Bass Transcription
Wishing Well: Mike Stern [Voices, 2001] - Bass Transcription
Common Ground: Mike Stern [Odds or Evens, 1991] - Bass Transcription
Tipatina's: Mike Stern [Play, 1999] - Bass Transcription
That's All It Is: Mike Stern [Big Neighborhood, 2009] - Bass Transcription
Slow Change: Mike Stern [Voices, 2001] - Bass Transcription
Message in a Bottle: The Police [Reggatta de Blanc, 1979] - Bass Transcription
Salieri's March: copied from Amadeus, a play by Peter Schaffer [1981] - Piano Digitization
Pinball Number Count from Sesame Street [1977] - Bass Transcription
Suit & Tie: Justin Timberlake & the Tennessee Kids [Live on SNL, 9th March 2013] - Bass Transcription
Holding You, Loving You: Don Blackman [Don Blackman, 1986] - Transcription of Bass & Piano Solo
HAIR: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical - Complete Bass Guitar Transcription based on 2009 Revival, 1979 Soundtrack, & 1968 Cast
Can't Stop Lovin' You: Aerosmith [Music from Another Dimension!, 2012] - Bass Transcription
Walk This Way: Aerosmith [Toys in the Attic, 1975] - Bass Transcription
Victor Wooten's Solo on "#41" by The Dave Matthews Band [Live in Chicago, 2001] - Bass Transcription

Talk Dirty: Melissa Fielding [Hide & Seek Me, 2014] - Bass Transcription
Me & My Bass Guitar: Victor Wooten [A Show of Hands, 1996] - Bass Transcription
Doctor My Eyes: Jackson Browne [Jackson Browne, 1972] - Bass Transcription
Don't Stop Me Now: Queen / Freddie Mercury [Jazz, 1978] - Bass Transcription

The Schuyler Sisters: Lin-Manuel Miranda [Hamilton: An American Musical, 2015] - Bass Transcription
Kiss: Prince & the Revolution [Parade, 1986] - Bass Transcription

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